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1. What is the minimum level of English to benefit from englishgossip?
2. Is englishgossip a language course?
No, it offers the opportunity to speak English where and when you want, in order to prepare for a work situation to be handled in English or to practice English in general.
3. Do I need a course book to use the service?
No, englishgossip allows you to choose the subject you wish to talk about.
4. How do I use the service?
a) via internet go to www.englishgossip.com;
b) click on the login button and insert your username and password received either from your company or upon enrolling in the service;
c) select "conversation" if you just need to talk or "conversation and text" if you need to examine a text with a consultant;
d) choose a subject if you wish to talk about one subject in particular otherwise choose "All consultants";
e) choose the most convenient time for you;
f) book at least one 30 minute session;
g) receive a booking number along with the name and phone number of the consultant;
h) call the consultant and communicate your booking number;
i) start your session;
5. How long can I talk on the telephone?
As long as you wish. Each booking is for a half hour session. If you need to talk for longer you'll need to book another session.
6. Can I ask a consultant to correct a written text?
Certainly. The service offers this possibility. You can send your text via email prior to your booked session and the consultant can correct it in real time while discussing it's contents with you.

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