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Case 1: Over the phone.
The telephone and e-mail have become indispensible tools for communication in a fast changing, technologically based global economy. A businessman's skills and know-how often need to be delivered in real time to impact on decisions being made in another part of the world. It is the ability to harness these talents which provides the competitive advantages every company seeks. Englishgossip can help you do this. Englishgossip provides your staff the support and practice to use English more effectively, impacting directly on their performance in the work place and therefore on the bottom line.

Case 2: Presentation coming up?
You are preparing a written presentation to deliver in 2 or 3 days to a client or at an international company meeting. Before the meeting you wish to review the text and talk over a number of points with someone familiar with the topic. Englishgossip can put you in touch by telephone with a consultant within 5 minutes, or a booking can be made later in the day or week, where your presentation can be sent to a consultant by e-mail and worked up in real time. At the same time, discussion with a consultant can help you overcome a number of concerns, gaining confidence and fluency. Here the service functions as a help desk, allowing you where and whenever you like, to have the support of a consultant to resolve a work issue.

Case 3: Afraid of social situations?
You already have a good level of English, you're confident and able to communicate effectively. But after a meeting of two or three hours with your American colleges you go out to dinner and your English becomes less certain. Difficulty in understanding a less formal more colloquial form of English. Difficulty talking about current events because of a lack of an appropriate vocabulary. Englishgossip provides you with this practise, allowing you to select a topic, so as to broaden your vocabulary and gain the confidence necessary to manage social occasions with success, which are a part of the professional skills of any business person today.

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